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New Vendor Information

If you would like to apply to be a vendor in the Dumb Bunny Hunt group, for any hunt, please review the following rules first.  If everything sounds good, then copy everything below the dashed line and paste it in a notecard on SL.  Fill in the relevant information, and send your notecard to Kai Sivanand.


1.   THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THIS HUNT GROUP ARE AWESOME, AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH.  Kai Sivanand and Anastasia Domenici started this group due to a love of hunting, hunters, item creation, and fun.  Any insults or unfair criticisms of them, in Group Chat or reported to them by another credible source, will result in you being expelled from the group and banned from future hunts.

2.  NO ASSHATTERY, DICKITRY, OR BEING A GENERAL PAIN IN THE REAR.  We want this to be a group for fun and sometimes silly hunts.  We don't want people who are going to cause problems or act like they've suddenly forgotten anything by hunting or running hunts ever.  If you're new to this business, let us know, and we'll help you, but don't act like you were born today.

3.  STICK TO THE THEME OF THE HUNT.  Do not just take a random item you made and toss it into one of our hunts.  We have hunt themes for a reason, and if you toss an item in that has nothing to do with it (and we WILL check), you will be banned from future Dumb Bunny Hunts. If you apply and find yourself at a loss for an idea we'd rather you withdraw than put out an out of theme item.  We understand, and we'd much prefer to fill your store slot than have you just give out something random.

4.  MAKE IT SOMETHING QUALITY.  Remember, the number one reason to join as a hunt vendor, aside from a love of hiding crap from people, is to bring traffic to your store.  Yes, you're bringing them there to give them something for free, but you also want them to be wowed by that item so they come back for more.  If you give away something absolutely fantastic, that people love, they are going to actually want to see what you sell.  If you give away crap, people will remember that and avoid your store in the future.

5.  MAKE IT SOMETHING NEW.  Do not just pull a random item from your previous stock, toss it in the hunt, and call it a day.  You want to bring in new people, yes, but you're also going to get repeat traffic, and how would YOU feel if you just got for free something you paid a couple hundred Lindens for last month?  Give it some time, make something new for the hunt, put it up for sale AFTERWARDS.  Though, we do allow (since we've done it ourselves) giving out a recolor of something you have for sale, IF it's a color or version that has not yet been for sale itself.
6.  DON'T APPLY IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT THE TIME OR ENERGY.  Nothing irks us more than having stuff not done on opening day.  Put the signs up when they're supposed to be up.  Put your item out when it's supposed to be out.  Have it all set the right way from the get-go.  If you're swamped with stuff, or a lazy person who tends to put everything off, this is not the hunt group for you.

7.  NO MALLS AND VILLAGE-STYLE STORES.  Sorry, guys.  I know you have to start somewhere, and we can't all afford a store right off the bat, but we need a landing point either in, or right outside your store.  It is way too hard to have to give instructions from the landing spot to your store.

8.  JOINTLY-OWNED STORES HAVE SPECIAL RULES.  Like Ana and Kai, with KaiAna.  If you have a shared store, you must let us know what the store name is, what name to list you under, and if you both are going to be in the hunt, either together or as two separate stores.  If store partners are looking at putting out more than one gift, please let us know that as well.

9.  IF YOUR STORE ATTACKS WITH SPAM UPON ENTRY, DON'T APPLY.  We are checking out each store before accepting, and if upon entering your store, we get hit with multiple landmarks, notecards, group invitations, etc, we aren't going to accept your store.  We will not deal with this stuff everytime we do a walkthrough or have to help someone in your store.  Above all else, if your store has the obnoxious involuntary update subscriber, we will not only not accept you to our hunts, we will strive to never voluntarily enter your store ever again.

10.  NO BUSINESS IN A BOX.  Whether legit or not, keep away.  We are not taking that chance that it was created by any means less than legal.

If you've read all the rules, the code word for applications is: Peanut Buttah


Your Name:

Store Name:



Store Type (What do you sell?):

Store Rating (G, M, A):

Secondary Contact:

Other Relevant Information: 

What's the application code word from the Rules on the blog?:

- Copy all that above crap, fill in all the blanks, paste it on a notecard, and send it to Kai Sivanand