Currently: Preparing for the upcoming March Hare Hunt

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hunt Time!

Hunters!  Feel free to poke around.  There's some prize previews up, and a full list of SLURL's and hints for you.  In case of problems in world, contact the Dumb Bunny Group chat, or send a message to Kai Sivanand, Anastasia Domenici, Violet Draesia, or Lunaris Ghoststar.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello, my fellow Dumb Bunnies of the March Hare persuasion!

It's been quite awhile since most of you saw my shiny name; in some of your cases, more than a month.  Let me say first and foremost... I will never again advertise a hunt so soon in advance.  Wow.  We got tremendous notice, far more applicants than I expected, and some stores so awesome, I'm literally left in awe.  This hunt.  Is going.  To kick.  Butt,

So, yeah, less than a month to go, it is crunch time, folks.  Some of you are so on the ball, I not only know your item is made, I have a full perm preview for use on the blog (not necessary), as well as hint card already turned in (is necessary).  With only weeks left to go, I'm hoping all of you have a working idea of what you're making, if you haven't yet started.

At this point, you should all be here, in this group, and you should all have the March Hare Hunt sign up in your store, hopefully pretty near to the landing point.  I'm going to be checking on the 17th, and stores that don't have a representative in thus group and a sign up are out.  And I actually have back-ups!  (SQUEE!)

IF you have moved and I don't have a new location for you, IF you have a hunt organizer, coordinator, or equivalent that I don't know about, IF you can no longer fullfill your duties in the hunt as you agreed to upon applying, or IF you just plain want out of this crazy bunch, please let me know ASAP.  If you need a new package, sign, timeline... spleen... sanity... well, okay, you're totally out of luck on the last, but for the first few, let me know!  And feel free to use the group chat, to get to know each other a bit.  As of the first, it should be hunt talk only, but you've got until then to poke your head in and say hi.  :p

                      Much thanks!  Kai Sivanand and Ana Domenici

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some Clarification about the March Hare Theme

I have been asked to clarify what we're looking for with the March Hare Hunt's theme so.. here goes.

The March Hare is an insane rabbit... so what we're looking for is:
~ insanity
~ rabbits/bunnies
~ insane bunnies
~ this is supposed to be a slightly darker hunt but if you get lost go with bunnies

I have also been asked "What is insanity?" Here's my answer:

madness, acting crazy, doing crazy things, doing weird things. eating bugs, stabbing people, wearing your neighbors skin as a jacket, collecting 6 bazillion of those little plastic things that keep your pizza box from touching your pizza, taking a bath in your tea and drinking your bubble bath, wearing gloves for shoes

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am so completely blown away!  I started sending out apps and advertising two months early, figuring that it would take awhile to scrape up some notice.  Instead, here I am on the morning of January 5th, a full month and 7/8th before hunt start, with a list of 33 Vendors already in the hunt.  This rocks so hard.

And this also means since you guys have sooo long before hunt start, and you know you're in here, get cracking!  I better see some awesome crazy bunny prizes!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome to Dumb Bunny Hunts!

A new hunt group in Second Life devoted to making fantastic, super fun, and pain-in-the-rear free hunts.  Based out of the store KaiAna, run by Kai Sivanand and Anastasia Domenici, DBH aims to eliminate a lot of problems hunters seem to have in SL.  Interested in hooking up with us as a Vendor?  Check out the New Vendor Information Page!