Currently: Preparing for the upcoming March Hare Hunt

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some Clarification about the March Hare Theme

I have been asked to clarify what we're looking for with the March Hare Hunt's theme so.. here goes.

The March Hare is an insane rabbit... so what we're looking for is:
~ insanity
~ rabbits/bunnies
~ insane bunnies
~ this is supposed to be a slightly darker hunt but if you get lost go with bunnies

I have also been asked "What is insanity?" Here's my answer:

madness, acting crazy, doing crazy things, doing weird things. eating bugs, stabbing people, wearing your neighbors skin as a jacket, collecting 6 bazillion of those little plastic things that keep your pizza box from touching your pizza, taking a bath in your tea and drinking your bubble bath, wearing gloves for shoes

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am so completely blown away!  I started sending out apps and advertising two months early, figuring that it would take awhile to scrape up some notice.  Instead, here I am on the morning of January 5th, a full month and 7/8th before hunt start, with a list of 33 Vendors already in the hunt.  This rocks so hard.

And this also means since you guys have sooo long before hunt start, and you know you're in here, get cracking!  I better see some awesome crazy bunny prizes!