Currently: Preparing for the upcoming March Hare Hunt

For Hunters - The March Hare Hunt

Alrighty, guys, this is YOUR page.  Your map to the world of insanity that is the March Hare Hunt.  On this page will be each hunt stop, in order, with hint, and the shop name will be an SLURL.  I promise that each item will be shiny and new and so completely awesome that you'll want to keep it forever, name it Fred, make it a little bed of straw, and feed it caviar, and if it's not, I will be beating someone with a hammer.

For the month of March, this page will be my new best friend.  I will strive to keep it as accurate as possible, and if it's not on here, don't look there, 'k?


1. KaiAna - (1) Poor lil bunny, you won't find any carrot plants in this pot   (2) Poor lil' guy, obviously thinks he works here

2. Indigo Oddities - "I'm a bunny look at me, sitting high up in this tree."

3. The Elegant Goth - Please use the in-store hint giver located at the main entrance.

4. Raven's Heart -The Hare is a Zodiac symbol in the chinese system

5. Lamp*Light -"I'm so sorry~ one of my porings ate it!"

6. VPInc Designz -We all like to slap one of these, it is the best way to secure our chances of winning a free prize :)

7. Stone's Works Annex - Please check in-store hint giver.  (Also, this object is not for Buy, you Touch to receive it in a folder, and you will get only 1 per person.)

8. *N@N@* (ADULT SIM) -how can someone don't find a cute as me on a shelf?

9. Urban Chic -"Help! No I iz not a prize!"

10. Lilli:T -"Put one bunny with another bunny... and what do you get? A bloody good hunt item!"

11. Cobble Rose -Going up  to see what's upstairs.

12. Sugar Bakery -Wow it sure is hot in here.

13. Mimsy Manor -March on over to visit the real Alice... she holds your prize in her hand.

14. Crush - "Ok who threw the hunt object? And why is it stuck on my face?"

15. Gypsy Gadgets -Hey! Someone get me down from here, this rope looks really scary!!!

16. Genz Gestures -" I like to sit here and watch you Hippity Hop up them stairs..."

17. Lyrieals -"Boo" hiding with other furry friends

18. Rowena Paine's Junque Shoppe - A mad scientist needs this.

19. ::Four Square:: -Look for the "U" in hunts

20. +*Rawr Muffinz*+ -I love to snuggle bunnies when I get my pjs on!

21. **SEXY BISH** - Watch Out...They'll Eat Your Brains!


23. AlterEgo -"Hop on inside my lil hunters, take a seat on the SEXI couch, kick your tootsies up & relax, there you will find your prize"

24. Enticing Designs -A comfy place to rest when you're dog tired from hunting

25. Amulet -Please check in-store hint giver

26. USC Texture Tomb -"Bunny has an unlikely feline friendship"



29. .:La Flat:. - You won't find any wild hares when Hawaii calls. The tropical state has so much natural vegetation, it would be the ultimate salad bar!

30. Bleinsen + MaiTai -Hiding? I am not hiding. It's a family reunion.

31. United IrishCon Mainstore - Search the Wood Log Mage House

32. Galleria Designs - Life is so SWEET for bunnies like me!

33. =Shirt Shop= - Remember to flush

34. HATTER 'N HELL (ADULT SIM) -Getting as high as I can get!

35. [BedlaM] -"you can leave your hat on"  (Haha!  Decoys!  No Area Search for you here.  :p)

36. MarMar Creations -Bouncing higher is so much  fun.

37. Jabberwocky -Please check in store hint giver

38. Bumbershoot -"Who says hares can't fly?"

39. (In)Discretions -You're BOUND to find the hare here! (This object is not for Buy, you Touch to receive it in a folder, and you will get only 1 per person.)

40. SHUP BISH - We'll leave the light on for ya!

41. MacMoragh and Muse - *Seek me low , Seek me high  find me in another's eye.*  (This location has 2 hunt items out, one for normal avatars and one for Petites.)

42. Left Hand Shoppe - Behind the display

43. Cosmic Steam Designs - Da do you fly this contraption?

44. =Razorblade Jacket= -Look for a bunny to find THE bunny!

45. .:FallenDreamsInc:. -Empty stores are way to far but NEW is getting closer. Find my lucky letters and the Hare will give your treasure.

46. FlufferNutterz -There is a Hare in my food!

47. X-CLUSIVE ANIMATIONS (ADULT SIM) - The Mad March Hare is so very cheeky.  He makes the SIDEWINDER really GET FREAKY

48. LOORDES OF LONDON - Please check in-store hint giver

49. .::Pink Sugah::. - Take a seat and take the prize :)

50. Rook Poses - LEMME OUT! LEMME OUT!

51. ..::Ginny's Gestures::.. -Don't forget to slap the MM boards while you visit!

52. Incendia Outdoors - Hint is on Hunt sign at landing point


54. Unrepentant - He wasn't the only one to find the seance a hare-raising experience.

55. Cupcake Clothing - Gotcha

56. Darkfold Designs -Relax & have a drink at the bar while your here.

57.Grimalkin Workshop -Ask the meerkat behind the counter.

58. *Room 312* - "You hold flags with three nice colors and 50 stars when I am around"

59. Reila Skins - "It's a War Zone Out There"

60. VISIONS GALLERY - Main Shop, upstairs, N/W corner.

61. Tree House Treasures - Please check in-store hint giver

62. Elemental Earth Designs -Bunnies love to nibble on fresh greens  (Decoys here!  No cheating!  You can only buy the real one.)

63. AhMuSeD XpresNz -The little white bunny looks like his been worn out

64. Les Sucreries de Fairy -I'm near my friend, Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit

65. Snips & Snails -Cock-a-doodle-doo

66. BeT Designs - Please check in-store hint giver  (This location has 2 bunnies out, one in a mesh area and the other in a normal area, for those viewers who are not mesh enabled.)

67. .::Fabu!::. - Please check in-store hint giver

68. Blue Buddha Club Supplies -I'm sitting with my bearfriend.

69. Dolome Designs -Please check in-store hint giver


71. Pretty Kitties -Red  blue and green, Many of these things I am not But careful Because I can be unseen.

72. [Revenant] -Why do they always get lost in the couch?

73. FreakyDesign - AHHH he bit meh in the butt! o.O

74. Retro' -Take care of your pets

75. Sweet's Treats -I love Cherries

76. Tw@ttyC@ke -The Dead

77. [dirty.little.secret] - Another day, another prize.

78. .:E-Line Designs:. -Observes the reception!!!

79. GraffitiWear - Join me!  (Don't bother with Area Search here, she's too wiley for that.  This one is NOT named MHH.)

80. xKorupptedx -The Bunny left me here on it's way out.